uPVC window frame colours

Gone are the days when white was the most popular choice of uPVC window colours for most homeowners in Yorkshire.

Nowadays with the option of single or dual colour windows, there is an ever increasing trend with homeowners to choose from a variety of coloured uPVC windows.

Match the exterior of your home

Ranging from ultramodern shades of grey and black, to the Heritage shades of cream, Chartwell green or duck egg blue, homeowners are choosing coloured exterior frames to compliment and match the brick, stone or render finish of their property.

Dual colours

If you are finding yourself considering a dual colour with dark exterior frame colour and want to keep your interior brighter or more vibrant, then opting for a neutral interior colour will enable you to complement your property and your decor.

Dual colour anthracite window frames
Wood effect window frames
Agate grey window frame closeup

“Which uPVC window colours will compliment my property?”

Investing in double glazed windows is a crucial decision that takes meticulous consideration. With the ever growing amount of variety and differentiation in window styles, frame materials including uPVC, aluminium, timber and composite, and hundreds of unique colour options and current growing trends to choose from, here at Yorkshire Windows we have constructed this article on the most popular colours to help you decide the finest choice for your property.

Anthracite window frames, red brick bungalow
White rendered house with anthracite window frames
Light coloured window frames

Grey uPVC windows

A sophisticated and refined colour for the exterior of the modern and classic homes. Anthracite grey windows’ dark shade is a functional colour that advocates a modern architectural aesthetic, whilst executing a remarkable contrast against off white or cream render.

Anthracite grey is more suitable for the more modern window style with minimal frame and large panes of glass, meaning it may not be the most suitable colour for Georgian or leaded windows. Other on-trend shades of grey are Agate grey, Olive grey and French grey, which are all lighter and more subtle shades of grey that add character and charm to classic cottages or period properties.

Black uPVC Windows

Abiding and classic colour oozes finesse and elegance with industrial-inspired architecture that displays no signs of weakening in popularity anytime soon with developers and architects.

Whilst mid-century modern interior decor has been influencing the more simplistic aesthetics and minimalism over the years, many homeowners would find that black window frames appease these current trends, as black has now made an entrance in interiors of homes. Naturally giving the illusion of minimalism, the black frames would draw the eye to the outside view of your property.

Black Aluminium Windows

Home renovation TV programmes such as Grand Designs have commenced an ever increasing trend in aluminium windows for new builds and renovations. They add an extraordinary style and definition to many property styles, ranging from a traditional Country house to a modern penthouse.

Black is simply perfect for accentuating the smooth and simple clean lines of the window frame, whilst also complementing dark brown or red brickwork and natural cladding.

Closeup of white flush sash windows
Small white cottage windows
Bungalow with white flush sash windows

White uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Pristine and immaculate, a modern clean colour that has long been the most traditional and favoured choice for homeowners, that will not go out of fashion.

White comes in an array of different shades, ranging from shades such as crisp traffic white to a warm off-white.

White windows are a preferred choice for leaded and Georgian windows and create an eye-catching opposition against both neutral and bright coloured render for urban and coastal properties.

Cream uPVC windows

Natural and picturesque, offering a warm welcome to heritage style properties from a quaint cottage to a Victorian country home.

Finding itself a most popular heritage colour choice for sliding sash windows with a wood effect finish against earthier colour bricks or stone.

A newly found colour trend for 2023 “Ice cream”.

Heritage cream windows
Residence green frames
Cream window frame close upr

Green uPVC windows

Charismatic and sophisticated, the most accomplished choice of colour for adding an air of countryside charisma for cottage windows and aged stone properties.

Chartwell green is a heritage colour and prominent choice for casement windows in barn conversions, the colour matches both chrome and brass window furniture.

Interior oak effect window frames
Oak effect window frames
Closeup of rosewood frames

Wooden effect uPVC windows

Soothing and comforting, with the added pleasing aesthetic of timber windows, but with the advantage of low maintenance.

Wood effect windows are swiftly becoming a well-chosen option for period properties. With a range of types to choose from Rosewood, Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Natural Oak, or black-brown woodgrain finish.

Popular window frame colours

  • Agate Grey
    Agate Grey
  • Anthracite Grey
    Anthracite Grey
  • Black Ash
    Black Ash
  • Chartwell Green
    Chartwell Green
  • Cream
  • Golden Oak
    Golden Oak
  • Grey Aluminium
    Grey Aluminium
  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream
  • Irish Oak
    Irish Oak
  • Nut Tree
    Nut Tree
  • Rosewood

Choose your own colour

If you’re looking for a particular colour there’s practically hundreds of RAL colour finishes you can choose from.

See which colour suits your home

If you are unsure and hesitant towards uPVC window colours, we offer a visualisation service, so that you get to see precisely what colour will suit your property best.

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