Solid replacement conservatory roof FAQs

If you are thinking of replacing your roof with a solid conservatory roof here are some of the questions you might be asking. 

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Would a solid roof be a good investment?

Figures show that if you come to sell your property a conservatory with a solid roof is a real selling point. It means your conservatory is an additional room, which you can use all year round.

And it looks much better!

If I have a solid roof fitted what can I then use my conservatory for?

Anything you want. It becomes an extra space for anytime use. Work, play, relax, the choice is yours.

Would I need planning permission to have the roof installed?

No, but Building Control approval is recommended. We can guide you through this process.

Our conservatory is a large one, would it still be possible to install a solid roof?

It would. The roofs are lightweight, and can be fitted to conservatories large or small.

Our conservatory is made of uPVC panels without a brick wall. Won’t the solid roof therefore be too heavy?

Not necessarily. Our representative will check this for you, and if the uPVC panels are properly reinforced a Guardian roof will be possible.

Your solid roofs use aluminium. Won’t this lead to a lot of condensation?

We use a properly ventilated system which has passed the BRE tests so condensation will not be a problem.

I might want to install a log burner in my conservatory in the future, might that be possible?

You would need a flue, and it would be possible if you bring in the flue and burner supplier to ensure it is properly sealed.

How long will it take to have the Guardian roof installed?

That depends on the size and situation of your conservatory, but usually two to four days will see the job completed, and you will love the difference.

What next?

Replacement solid conservatory roofs are a wonderful way of really enhancing your property.

Contact us to see how you can make a real difference to your conservatory, and add value as you do so.

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