CORGI Fenestration

We are proud to be a CORGI Fenestration Registered Company.

Corgi Fenestration Registered Company

CORGI Fenestration is a quality mark that indicates best practice across company management, operations, qualifications and installations.

There is no getting away from the fact that most people associate CORGI with Gas Safety, and that is understandable. It is where CORGI came from and it is this heritage which helped it to develop what remains even today one of the most recognised and truly trusted brands when it comes to trust, reliability, expertise and quality.

CORGI Fenestration builds on this reputation by bringing the CORGI brand to the window and doors industry.

What this means for you...

As a CORGI Fenestration company we will notify Corgi that work has been carried out at your property.

CORGI Fenestration will then provide an installation certificate identifying all the work carried out at your property and not just that which falls under Building Regulations (Replacement windows and doors).

The Corgi scheme includes provision of a government approved Competent Person Scheme which ensures you also receive your Building Regulations Compliance Certificate where needed.

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