uPVC engineered front doors

A collection of attractive front doors that are perfect for period or contemporary homes.

Our uPVC engineered front doors replicate the look of solid timber doors using modern materials.

Engineered uPVC doors are the latest approach to door construction. They use transoms (crossbars) and mullions (vertical bars) in the door structure to reproduce authentic timber door designs.

A stylish alternative to Composite doors

The door structure allows styles to be created that are not achievable in composite doors.

So, if you are looking for a timber effect door style that isn’t available as a composite door an engineered uPVC door might be right for you.

Contemporary upvc front door
A traditionally styled uPVC front door
Closeup of a uPVC front door

The benefits of uPVC front doors

uPVC engineered front doors are secure, robust and energy efficient, they require very little maintenance and will not warp or rot – ideal for tackling Yorkshire weather!

  • Insulation

    Energy efficient

    Built to keep the warmth in.

  • Paintbrush

    Low maintenance

    No need to paint or stain.

  • Padlock


    12/14 point multi-lock.

uPVC engineered front door styles

At Yorkshire Windows we install a range of 25 high quality uPVC engineered front door styles.

Each style has been specifically designed to match the appearance of wooden front doors.

Traditional & modern styles

The range features a choice of period and contemporary designs, so you can choose to have a door that blends sympathetically with your home, or one that makes a bold statement.

Endless combinations

Each door style can also have different combinations of glass and panelling – add to that the vast range of colours available and you can create the best looking front door for your home.

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Standard woodgrain colours

  • Smooth White uPVC door colour swatch
    Smooth White
  • White W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    White W/Grain
  • Icecream W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    Icecream W/Grain
  • Ivory W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    Ivory W/Grain
  • Agate Grey W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    Agate Grey W/Grain
  • French Grey W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    French Grey W/Grain
  • Balmoral W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    Balmoral W/Grain
  • Dark Grey W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    Dark Grey W/Grain
  • Black W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    Black W/Grain
  • Rosewood uPVC door colour swatch
  • Cherrywood uPVC door colour swatch
  • Irish Oak uPVC door colour swatch
    Irish Oak
  • Light Grey W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    Light Grey W/Grain
  • Chartwell Green W/Grain uPVC door colour swatch
    Chartwell Green W/Grain
  • Red 3011 uPVC door colour swatch
    Red 3011
  • Green 6009 uPVC door colour swatch
    Green 6009
  • Blue 5011 uPVC door colour swatch
    Blue 5011
  • Spectral Dark Grey uPVC door colour swatch
    Spectral Dark Grey
  • Spectral Platinum uPVC door colour swatch
    Spectral Platinum
Colour swatches

Request a colour of your choice

If you would like a colour that is not within our standard range of woodgrain foils, we can arrange to have your door spray painted in the colour of your choice.

We’ll help you decide the best front door for your home

We want to make getting a new front door as easy as possible.

Our friendly door designers will happily explain the difference between Composite and uPVC engineered front doors. They will even create a visualization of your door, allowing you to view different colours, styles and finishes.

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Yorkshire Windows door design expert

The young gentleman who came to my house was very patient with me. I'm not very good at making quick decisions these days but he never rushed me or pressured me in the slightest.

Mrs Nora Stocks
Measuring a door frame

Expert installation

Our professional installation team have been fitting uPVC front doors across Yorkshire for many years. They pride themselves on their courteous manner. Always treating customers’ homes and gardens with care and respect.

They work quickly but with care, making sure your new door fits perfectly and not leaving until you are 100% happy.

uPVC front door brochure pages

uPVC doors brochure

Discover our full range of uPVC engineered doors.

Our brochures

Door security

For peace of mind all our doors are fitted with a unique 12/14 multipoint lock system and are strengthened with 3 high security hinges.

Each door is also fitted with a Yale cylinder and supplied with 5 keys.

Townhouse locks are also available complete with a traditional escutcheon finger pull.

Closeup of a uPVC door lock and keyhole
Examples of the different types of uPVC front door glazing

Front door glazing

The type of glazing you choose can be dictated by many things, perhaps you’d like more light in your house, or you want to match existing period features.

Glazing options include:

  • Plain glass
  • Obscured glass
  • Coloured glass
  • Etched glass
  • Leaded and bevelled designs
  • Your number etched into the glass


To help you achieve the best looking uPVC front door we have a wide range of hardware options for you to choose from, including.

  • Door Handle Options
  • Bull Ring Knockers
  • Victorian and Slim Victorian Urn Knockers
  • Letter Box Options
  • Ornate Door Knobs
  • Offset Pull Bar Handle
uPVC door letterbox, handle and knocker
Examples of uPVC door midrails and sidepanels

Finishing touches

Optional deep midrail

To achieve equal sight lines and proportions our uPVC doors feature a slimline midrail as standard. For people who wish to closely emulate a traditional timber door e also have an option (on some door styles) for a deeper midrail.

Side panels and surrounds

All our uPVC engineered doors can be installed within matching side panels, flags and top lights. Each one is custom-made to your required size and colour.

How much do engineered uPVC doors cost?

It’s difficult to give an exact cost on our website due to the multitude of options available however because our engineered uPVC front doors are a more niche product they cost on average 10% more than a composite door.

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View our composite door styles

Different coloured uPVC front doors
Stylish uPVC front door
Closeup of a oak effect door