Aluminium windows

Let the light flood in with our ultra slim, super strong aluminium window frames

Stylish slim windows

At Yorkshire Windows we offer class-leading aluminium windows available in a huge choice of colours, with double or triple glazing and smooth operating hardware.

Professionally installed by our in-house team of aluminium window fitters throughout Yorkshire and nearby regions.

Aluminium window in stone building

Aluminium window features

  • Flush sash window frames

    • Super slim sash sits within the frame
    • Complements the slim profile of modern bifold and patio doors
  • Glazing options

    • Double glazed
    • Triple glazed
    • Integral blinds
    • Heritage look astragal bars
    • Solid panel inserts
  • Opening configurations

    • Standard casement
    • French casement
    • Side light with openers
    • Side hung opener next to a fixed frame
  • Choose your colour

    • A range of standard colours
    • Any RAL colour available on request
  • Window Energy Rated A

  • U-values as low as 1.4 W/(m2k)

  • Secure to PAS24:2022

  • 10 year guarantee

How much do aluminium windows cost?

For the same size and specifications, aluminium windows tend to be more expensive than uPVC windows.

However, aluminium windows boast fantastic style, a longer lifespan and are recyclable - making them a long-term sustainable investment.

Discover exactly how much it would cost to have aluminium windows installed in your home.

Closeup of a grey aluminium window frame

Unmatched strength and sleek design

Slimline profiles

Our aluminium windows boast inherently strong frames, allowing for remarkably slender profiles. This maximises natural light for a brighter, more open feel, while maintaining a contemporary look that complements any architectural style.

Unwavering durability

Aluminium is naturally resistant to rust, corrosion, and warping, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal upkeep. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth keeps them looking their best year-round.

Enhanced security and thermal performance

Peace of mind protection

The inherent strength of aluminium offers superior resistance to forced entry, providing an extra layer of security for your home and your loved ones.

Thermal break technology

Our advanced aluminium windows incorporate a thermal break, a specially designed barrier that minimises heat transfer. This keeps your home comfortable year-round, reducing drafts and hot spots, and ultimately lowering your energy bills.

A closeup of aluminium window handles
White vase with aluminium window in background

Investing in beauty and durability

While aluminium windows may have a higher initial cost compared to some other materials, they represent a smart long-term investment.

Their exceptional durability ensures they'll last for decades, requiring minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan.

Additionally, aluminium windows boast superior energy efficiency, potentially leading to lower heating and cooling bills.

When you factor in their low maintenance requirements and potential energy savings, aluminium windows become a cost-effective choice for your home.

Super slim flush sash window

Embrace the minimalist aesthetic with our super slim flush sash windows. Here's what makes them stand out:

Ultra-thin profiles

Maximise natural light and create a sleek, contemporary look that complements modern architectural styles.

Flush sash design

The window features a sleek, flush sash design that sits perfectly within the frame, creating a clean and modern aesthetic.

Cohesive with modern features

These windows integrate seamlessly with modern bifold and patio doors, ensuring a unified look throughout your home.

Grey aluminium kitchen window
Aluminium window configurations

Aluminium window configurations

Design your perfect window

The beauty of our super slim flush sash windows lies in their versatility. Here are just a few of the many configurations you can create to suit your needs:

Enhanced functionality

These windows can be used as sidelights and seamlessly integrate with our bifold door system, even incorporating opener options for added functionality.

Side hung elegance

Combine a side hung opener with a fixed frame for a classic look with the flexibility of ventilation.

French casement charm

Opt for a French casement window featuring double side hung openers, offering a touch of European flair and ample ventilation.

Timeless style

Choose a standard casement window with a top opener over a fixed frame for a timeless design.

Crucifix beauty

Create a stunning focal point with a crucifix 4-pane window featuring two top openers over two fixed frames.

This is just a glimpse of the possibilities! Refer to our configuration diagram to discover a wider range of options and design your dream window.

Aluminium window glazing

Elevate your windows with style and function

The beauty of our super slim flush sash windows extends beyond their sleek design. With a variety of glazing options, you can personalise your windows to achieve the perfect blend of style, function, and comfort:

Double glazing

Enjoy excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction with our standard double glazing option.

Triple glazing

For superior energy efficiency and maximum soundproofing, upgrade to triple glazing.

Integral blinds

Opt for integrated blinds between the glass panes for a clean and stylish look while maintaining easy operation and privacy control.

Heritage astragal bars

Add a touch of classic charm with heritage look astragal bars, creating a traditional window aesthetic.

Solid panel inserts

Incorporate solid panel inserts for additional privacy or a unique design element.

By combining different glazing options with our diverse configurations, you can create a window that perfectly reflects your style and functional needs.

4 square aluminium window
A white house with grey aluminium windows

Personalise the colour of your aluminium windows to match your vision

At Yorkshire Windows, we believe your windows should complement your unique style.

That's why we offer a wide variety of colours for our aluminium windows, from classic white and timeless greys to modern anthracite and even bold pops of colour.

You can even choose to have different colours on the interior and exterior of your windows, allowing you to perfectly match your home's design, both inside and out.

Standard aluminium window colours

For a quicker turnaround, choose from our beautiful selection of stocked colours, including:

  • Black RAL9005 aluminium window swatch
    Black RAL 9005
  • White RAL9016 aluminium window swatch
    White RAL 9016
  • Anthracite RAL7016 aluminium window swatch
    Anthracite RAL 7016
  • Black out white in aluminium window swatch
    Black out / White in
  • Anthracite out white in aluminium window swatch
    Grey out / White in

Swatch booklet

RAL colour freedom

We can customise your windows to virtually any colour imaginable with our extensive RAL colour selection (upon request).

Textured and metallic finishes

Explore our Textured Grey 7016 and Mill Finish options for a touch of modern sophistication.

Colour match

Our colour palette aligns perfectly with our other products, ensuring a cohesive look throughout your home. Ask for more information and to see our swatches.

View our available appointments and schedule a meeting at your home.

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Aluminium window FAQs

Why choose aluminium windows?

When it comes to selecting new windows for your home, aluminium offers a compelling combination of style, performance, and value. Here's why aluminium windows from Yorkshire Windows should be at the top of your list:

  • Modern aesthetics and durability: Aluminium's inherent strength allows for slim profiles and a sleek, modern look that complements any architectural style. Plus, aluminium is naturally resistant to rust, corrosion, and warping, ensuring long-lasting beauty and performance for your home.
  • Enhanced security and energy efficiency: Aluminium windows provide superior strength for peace of mind security. Additionally, with advanced thermal break technology, our windows minimise heat transfer, keeping your home comfortable year-round and reducing energy bills.
  • Low maintenance: Aluminium windows won't crack, rot, or warp. They require minimal upkeep – a simple wipe down with a damp cloth keeps them looking their best.
  • Unmatched versatility: We offer a wide range of aluminium window styles, including casement, tilt and turn, and sliding windows, to perfectly suit your needs and preferences. Additionally, with a variety of colours available, you can personalise the look of your windows to match your home's exterior.
  • Sustainable choice: Aluminium is one of the most recycled materials on earth, making aluminium windows an eco-friendly option for your home improvement project.
  • We're confident that at Yorkshire Windows, we can find the ideal aluminium solution for your home. This confidence stems from our established partnerships with a variety of esteemed aluminium suppliers. This extensive network allows us to explore all possibilities and provide you with tailored recommendations based on your unique needs and preferences.

By choosing Yorkshire Windows' aluminium windows, you're not just investing in beauty, you're investing in long-lasting performance, energy savings, and the increased value of your home.

What’s the difference between uPVC windows and aluminium windows?

uPVC windows:

  • Cost-effective: uPVC is a highly affordable window material, making it a budget-friendly option.
  • Low maintenance: Similar to aluminium, uPVC requires minimal upkeep.
  • Energy efficient: Modern uPVC windows with double or triple glazing can offer good thermal insulation.

Aluminium windows:

  • Unmatched strength and sleek design: Aluminium's inherent strength allows for slimmer profiles and a modern aesthetic that complements contemporary architecture. It's also naturally resistant to rust, corrosion, and warping, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Superior security: The inherent strength of aluminium offers an extra layer of security for your home.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency: Advanced thermal break technology in aluminium windows minimises heat transfers.

The choice is yours

Both uPVC and aluminium windows offer distinct advantages. If you prioritise affordability and value, uPVC might be a great choice. However, if you desire a modern look, maximum strength, security, and potentially greater energy savings, then aluminium windows could be the ideal investment for your home.

How do I clean aluminium window frames?

Maintaining your aluminium windows is a breeze! Here's what you need to know:

  • Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials.
  • For a gentle clean:
  • Rinse the windows to remove loose dirt and debris.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge with a mild detergent solution to clean the frames.
  • Rinse thoroughly to eliminate any soap residue.
  • Dry the frames with a soft cloth for a sparkling finish.

Can I paint my aluminium windows?

While it's possible, we highly recommend leaving this task to a professional.  They possess the expertise for proper spray finishing and selecting the right paint for optimal adhesion.

How can I prevent condensation on aluminium window frames?

Condensation arises when warm, moist air meets a cold surface. Here's how to tackle it:

  • Reduce humidity: Utilise extractor fans, dehumidifiers, or proper ventilation in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Modern design advantage: Condensation is rarely an issue with modern aluminium windows that incorporate thermal breaks.
  • Seek expert advice: If you suspect a faulty window, improper installation, or persistent condensation, consult your installer or our team at Yorkshire Windows.
  • Condensation within double glazing: This indicates a broken seal, necessitating a replacement of the glazed unit.

Are aluminium windows expensive?

For the same size and specifications, aluminium windows tend to be more expensive than uPVC windows. However, aluminium windows boast a longer lifespan and are recyclable, making them a sustainable investment.

Are aluminium windows energy efficient?

Absolutely! Modern aluminium windows, equipped with thermal breaks and advanced insulating materials, deliver exceptional energy efficiency. They can effortlessly comply with the latest building regulations and achieve outstanding U-values and WER ratings.

How secure are aluminium windows?

By law, windows must meet specific security standards, typically PAS 24:2016 certification. This ensures they can withstand attempted break-ins. Our Yorkshire Windows aluminium windows are designed with multi-point locking mechanisms and high-quality hardware to meet these rigorous standards. For an extra layer of security, consider laminated security glass.

How much do aluminium windows cost?

The cost hinges on the window's style and size. Ask us for more information and a quote.