Eco-friendly double glazing

EcoMAX, the most sustainable, environmentally friendly glass unit on the market.

Your new windows don’t have to cost the earth

At Yorkshire Windows we are always looking for ways we can meet our customers’ requests for greener, more sustainable windows and doors.

EcoMAX is the perfect range for people who want to reduce their impact on the environment with eco-friendly glazing that performs just as well as any other glazed window on the market.

EcoMAX exclusively available at Yorkshire Windows
Open plan living room with EcoMAX glazing
  • Reduce

    Manufactured in the UK at one of the most efficient plants in the world.

  • Recycle

    EcoMAX uses more recycled materials than any other manufacturer in the UK.

  • Save

    EcoMAX matches A or A+ rated units for insulation helping reduce your energy bills.

  • Offset

    We promise to plant a new tree for every single EcoMAX glass installation.

Boy and cat sitting on window sill
Sunlight bursting through trees

Double glazed windows manufactured in the UK with sustainability in mind

Using renewable energy and from 37% recycled materials, the glass and all window components have a lower carbon footprint than other double glazed units on the market.

Key features

  • Currently the same price as normal double glazing
  • Organic materials are used in the sealant as a substitute for the chemically derived ones traditionally used
  • EcoMAX units are almost fully biodegradable
  • Argon-filled cavity and warm edge spacer bar technology specified as standard
  • Produced with more recycled materials than any other manufacturer in the UK
  • Tested to the UK’s window energy rating standards, EcoMAX matches any A or A+ rated unit for insulation
  • Can be double or triple glazed
EcoMAX double glazed window
  • U-value 1.2


    U-value measures internal heat loss – EcoMAX window units have a U-value of 1.2.

  • 71% solar gain

    Solar Energy

    EcoMAX maximises solar gain to harness the sun’s energy to warm your home.

  • 82% light transmission

    Light Transmission

    EcoMAX maximises the available daylight for a brighter home.

  • 38% UV protection

    UV Protection

    EcoMAX reduces the glare of the sun and filters out harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture and fabrics.

How will you frame your double glazing?

Contact our team to find out how EcoMAX can be used in your windows.

Sunlight bursting through trees

For every unit installed we will plant a tree

To date, thanks to your EcoMAX installations, we’ve managed to plant thousands of healthy new saplings.

Every tree will save an impressive two tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime, provide essential oxygen for the planet and a natural habitat for wildlife.

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