Our comprehensive guide to composite doors and solid core doors

Composite doors

Choosing the perfect door for your home isn't just about looks – it's about security, insulation, and long-term durability too. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into two popular door options: GRP Composite Doors and Solid Core Composite Doors.

Both choices have some unique technical aspects, so let's explore their differences.

Material composition

GRP composite doors

Composite doors started making waves in the mid-'90s as a sturdy and stylish alternative to traditional uPVC doors.

These doors typically blend different materials, featuring a strong wood and or insulating foam core reinforced with glass fibres, all wrapped up in a sturdy glass reinforced plastic (GRP) outer layer.

The result? Doors that not only look great but also offer impressive strength and thermal efficiency compared to old-school door materials.

Solid core composite doors

Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have solid core composite doors that are known for their exceptional strength and insulation.

These doors have a solid timber core, providing both strength and insulation.

Multiple cross-laminated layers add even more durability, making them a top choice for security and energy efficiency.

Strength and durability

GRP composite doors

When it comes to durability, composite doors are the real deal, making them a reliable choice for homeowners.

They're tough cookies, resistant to warping, cracking, and bowing, ensuring they stand the test of time.

Solid core composite doors

Solid core composite doors take durability to a whole new level.

With their solid core construction, they're like the superheroes of doors, highly resistant to impacts and built to last.

Thermal efficiency

GRP composite doors

Composite doors do a pretty good job when it comes to keeping your home cosy.

They offer great thermal insulation, helping to save on energy costs and maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Solid core composite doors

If you're looking to keep your home extra snug, solid core composite doors are the answer.

Their dense core practically says, "Heat, you shall not pass!" They're all about comfort and energy efficiency.

Sound insulation

GRP composite doors

Composite doors are a step up from the usual when it comes to sound insulation.

They help keep unwanted noise at bay, making your home a more peaceful place.

Solid core composite doors

Solid core composite doors are the champions of quietness.

Thanks to their dense core, they're the ultimate noise blockers, creating a serene indoor environment.

Aesthetics and customisation

GRP composite doors

Composite doors offer a wide array of design possibilities, with different styles, finishes, and colours.

This means you can personalise your door to match your unique tastes and home's style.

Solid core composite doors

Solid core composite doors bring together style and substance.

They offer a plethora of design options while providing top-notch security. You can have it all.


As can see there are some differences in the materials and structure used to build these doors and this is reflected in both the performance and the price.

On average our Signature Collection GRP composite doors are £150-£300 less than our Lakes Collection solid core doors, depending on the style you choose.

  • 2 Panel 2 Square composite door
    2 Panel 2 Square
    Prices from
    GRP £1,396
    Solid core £1,636
  • 4 panel 1 arch composite door
    4 Panel 1 Arch
    Prices from
    GRP £1,312
    Solid core £1,456
  • Diamond composite door
    Prices from
    GRP £1,288
    Solid core £1,492
  • 4 Square composite door
    4 Square
    Prices from
    GRP £1,504
    Solid core £1,816


When deciding between Composite Doors and Solid Core Composite Doors, consider what matters most to you: strength, durability, thermal efficiency, sound insulation, and the freedom to personalise. Both options have their own special qualities, making them suitable for different preferences and needs. Ultimately, your choice should align with what your home and your heart desire for your home improvement project.

Your home's door is more than just an entrance; it's a statement. From our stylish Signature Collection of composite doors to the robust Lakes Collection of solid core composite doors, we have every kind you could wish for.

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