uvpc doors

Security Features

  • Triple-grade door security
  • Keyhole security shroud
  • Internal dual-clamping system
  • Unique to Yorkshire Windows

Enhanced Security

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uPVC Doors

At Yorkshire Windows, we put the same level of craftsmanship into our fantastic range of doors as goes into our windows. That means you only get products that are quality controlled and manufactured to the highest standards.

Our extensive range of attractive, secure doors has been developed based on extensive research on the most common homeowner needs and, with our top class installation teams, we’ve become the premium door company in Yorkshire. Thanks to our commitment to advancing technology, you always get the best door fitted by the best team.

Our uPVC doors have a range of features, including the following:

  • Each door has a multi point locking system
  • Every door comes equipped with high security handles
  • Every door is fitted with a lock barrel which is ‘Anti-pick’, ‘Anti-bump’ and ‘Anti-snap’.
  • Every door has a lock barrel which is further protected with an integral barrel guard.

Each of these features means that once your door is locked, it's virtually impossible to open again without a key, giving you peace of mind.