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stable doors

Security Features

  • Triple-grade door security
  • Keyhole security shroud
  • Internal dual-clamping system
  • Unique to Yorkshire Windows

Enhanced Security

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Stable Doors

Stable doors provide a fantastic combination of style and function and are a great door for any modern home. They have the same level of weatherproofing and security as conventional Composite and uPVC doors, but allow you to open the top of the door while keeping the bottom half shut and locked. So children and pets are kept safe, while fresh air is free to circulate.

This is made possible thanks to the key locking handle that allows the lower part of the door to be kept closed and locked, while the top half of the door can be operated independently. And when you want to close the door completely, the top half can be easily deadlocked by a key operated security cylinder and an optional auto latch. This makes the door completely weatherproof and secure as once locked, it can only be accessed by use of a key.

Door Frame and Handle Security

Fully guaranteed for 10 years, our products are fitted with ultra-secure multipoint locking systems to provide the highest levels of security and deliver total piece of mind. For even the most casual of burglars the main point of attack on a door is the handle itself, which can prove to be extremely vulnerable.

That’s why Yorkshire Windows has developed a triple-grade solution for door handle security which comprises:-

  • Unique to Yorkshire Windows - internal cylinder guard with a dual-clamping system
  • Heavy duty external handles with a built-in keyhole security shroud
  • Anti-pick, anti-bump, anti drill locking cylinder

In addition, we only use tried, tested, top quality hardware which is engineered to the highest specification, independently certified and performance-validated – giving you further reassurance that your doors, windows or conservatory will keep unwanted visitors out.